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Catch up post: Pizza Rustica and Sticky Buns

TWD’s  first recipe for April was this quiche-like pie with a savory filling of ricotta and proschutio and a somewhat sweet crust.   I baked this on schedule, just never had the time to post the results.  The combination of flavors was interesting but did take a few minutes for the palatte to adjust to.  The dough for the crust seemed almost too buttery and I had to scrape it all out of the food processor bowl instead of it forming a nice ball on its own.  It rolled out pretty easily, though, and the filling and lattice top were quick to assemble. 

Into the oven it went, and it stayed and stayed and stayed.  Well past the 35-40 minutes, the lattice top crust just did not want to brown.  The edges were nicely browned and fearing they would burn, I finally took it out and accepted the too-pale crust on top.

My next tardy entry was both assembled and baked well past the posting date with posting derailed  yet again by life duties. Sticky buns nearly did my Kitchen Aid mixer and myself in. Wow, what alot of prep work.  And then, the Brioche dough “incident”.  While my mixer churned away with the goal of the dough “slapping” the sides of the bowl, I turned my back to the opposite kitchen counter and lightly tapped the butter required for the recipe with a rolling pin to render it the desired consistency. The tapping appears to have been enough to ricochet the mixer off of the counter and onto the floor. The next hour was spent in mix repair – trying to bend the bowl back into a circular shape and get the on/off handle back into it’s track instead of imbedded in our hardwood floors.

Damaged ego and mixer later, I had to wonder if this recipe was worth it. It looked very enticing as it was rising in the pan. But the finished product just did not measure up to the imagined results based on how good it looked prior to baking and ALL of the prep work that went into it. It was not nearly as moist or fluffy asI had imaged.  I think I’ll try it again to see where I went wrong on the inaguaral run.  Look for the posting in 2014.


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2 thoughts on “Catch up post: Pizza Rustica and Sticky Buns

  1. The Pizza Rustica looks great, pale crust and all. I know it was delicious.

  2. Marti Evans on said:

    It looked yummy to me, too! And the Sticky Buns sure looked like the real deal! Sorry you were disappointed!

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