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Moon rocks, shamrocks and Irish Soda Bread

This simple recipe was so appealing to me this weekend. It seemed to represent the idea of earthiness, simplicity and a utilitarian “making do.”   I had visions of shamrocks dancing in my head as I started.  Leave it to me to have more difficulty with this recipe than with the detailed chocolate tart recipe.  Long story short, I believe that I did not whisk the ingredients well enough for the dough to “come together” OR I used a tad too much buttermilk.  Whichever the culprit may have been, my dough was close the consistency of sticky painters putty or plaster.  I had to call in a set of extra hands (as mine were coated in this plaster dough) to keep adding flour to the kneading surface so it was even semi-manageable. I had a sinking feeling just putting it into the oven that this bread was doomed.  It did look hard and crusty when it came out, though not is a good way.  More in a large moon rock sculpture way.   To my surprise, it proved edible. The bread had a nice texture, a little dense, but soft and moist. We ate it warm from the oven with a nice roast chicken dinner.   By the next afternoon, the entire loaf was as hard and crusty as a moon rock.  No shamrock luck here, just simple, short-lived goodness!


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5 thoughts on “Moon rocks, shamrocks and Irish Soda Bread

  1. It was a very forgiving recipe, although a short shelf life once done 🙂

  2. Your Bread looks Lovely … !!! Great job !!!! I never thought baking a bread can get that easy !!!

  3. My dough was the exact same way, I think it is just the recipe.

  4. Teresa on said:

    I’m glad you were able to enjoy it, even if it was a fleeting pleasure!

  5. Whew – glad you were able to make it all work 🙂

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