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Love thy neighbor,Chocolate Truffle Tartlets and the Serotonin Peace Prize

Wishing I had tackled this recipe last weekend; it would have been a great Valentines Day treat. Dense, rich and oh so chocolatey, it would have put all the candy hearts to shame.  No wonder February is for chocolate, right?  It seems that reality ruled over this month of  floating hearts and swooning Cupids, though, and brought with it news of struggles and sadness from neighbors and friends.  No Hallmark movie material here, just stories of harsh reality of economic and family struggles.

Buying Ghiradelli chocolate chips while questioning who really is “my neighbor” when so many around me are struggling turned out to be a recipe for mood disorder.  How easy is it to turn one’s back on the neighbor that one really doesn’t know, just knows that they are in need?  So when I did finally dive in on Saturday, it was not with a floating, fluttering heart.   But dive in I did, looking for distraction and knowing that guilt is best assuaged by chocolate. I was not nearly as apprehensive as I was with the first  TWD (Tuesdays with Dorie)/Baking with Julia recipe. I do admit to “You Tubing ” David Ogonowski’s segment with Julia on this recipe, though. The cast of characters for the chocolate crust is above, and no, I did not mix this by hand as David did.  Too much hand crumbling of butter bits!

The dough mixture had a very fine crumb consistency, having mixed it in the food processor; but it came together well when I pressed out the final mix by hand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Thankfully, I did not have to do much patching or scraping to get the rolled out dough circles fitted into each mini tart pan.  I chose to post the pre-baked crusts, as the baked ones looked  embarrassingly prickly, bubbled and warped.  I must have gotten carried away with that pricking with a fork step.  But oh, did these smell good when they came out of the oven!

Now onto the filling.  My mood begged for the more layman’s Nestle, but I used Ghiradelli chips for all of this recipe’s chocolate collection:  bittersweet, milk and white.  The bittersweet melted quite nicely.  For the textured “mix in”, I did dice the milk and white chocolate chips rather than leaving them whole to mix into the filling.   I was not quite sure what size pieces to chop the biscotti  and ended up with pieces somewhat smaller than croutons.

Once the egg mixture is added to the batter, it turns the deep chocolate into a more creamy caramel color. 

The final step yields a batter that is quite chunky!   The chocolate dice and biscotti mixture are folded into this creamy caramel creation and it’s time to pour (or maybe coax) the batter into each tart pan.  Yes, coaxing works best for getting the batter into the fluted edges of the tart pan.  These bake for a short time – just 10 to 12 minutes.  Not enough time to solve the world’s problems or find a qualified therapist.

You can find the recipe for Chocolate Truffle Tartlets on one of this month’s host blogs if you’d like to try it yourself:  Mine were served to family with love, my first ” love thy neighbor” act of the day.  Chocolate definently makes people happy.  Not exactly Nobel Peace Prize worthy, but hopefully small acts of love and kindness are the first step towards making a difference.  I love serving a serotonin booster, and this tartlet delivers a triple dose.

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12 thoughts on “Love thy neighbor,Chocolate Truffle Tartlets and the Serotonin Peace Prize

  1. And they were as delicious as they look!! Thanks, Sara

  2. It looks beautiful and I’m sure everbody loved the result 🙂

  3. Yummo….have any leftovers?!

  4. Marti Evans on said:

    I would SO like to try this…but, alas, I’m sure I never will!! I LOVE your way with words…and your willingness to share this journey with the rest of us!! Write on…or, Bake On, Sister!!

  5. Shawn DuPre on said:

    I’ll say it again…I am offering my services as taste tester.

  6. Love the sign on the last picture!

  7. They look like they came out perfectly.

  8. I love pansies! 🙂 what a great job you did with the tarts!

  9. Oh, I wouldn’t underestimate the powers of chocolate. Your tarts look great!

  10. they look great!!

  11. Nice presentation….like the quote by Julia Child…oh so true! 🙂

    ~ Carmen

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